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My name is Damian Kuczynski. I am the producer of this Website and all the content within it. This project features the culmination of a decade of professional and personal development,with examples of my work and skills in a wide variety of Design related disciplines.

I hope you will find the content in this site interesting and inspiring. Producing it has been, and continues to be a source of great satisfaction to me. I believe myself fortunate to be working with a medium I love and hope to continue innovating and finding new ways to use technology to communicate.  Art is a social medium, it requires an observer. This website aims to present to the world my ideas and their recordings as a contribution to the information wave that is sweeping the modern world.

My skills extend from traditional art, to photography, writing and digital media. My story is one that travels the transformation between analogue and digital on the arrow of time. From pens and brushes to computers and the Internet. I have tried to walk the front line in interface design through the years, working in Multimedia, Film and Television and DVD.

And its always the interface between humans and technology that has interested me, its expressed in my professional history and my personal expression. You will find both here.

My blog always welcomes comments, however this is my sandbox and only good memes will survive.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me:

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