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Gustav Vasmer Resurrection | Digital Vision EFX

Gustav Vasmer Resurrection

Cabinetmaking Attempt #2:

So after making my first attempt at cabinetmaking on the (Compagnie Concordia Box) I wanted to try something a little more challenging.

I had the whole keyboard assembly from Gustav Vasmer Upright Piano circa later 1800’s or early 1900’s. Made in Berlin. I salvaged as much as I could from this piano as it has beautiful Walnut Burl veneer. Its amazing it survived in such good condition after 100+ years. Its interesting to me that Pianos in their day occupied the center stage in peoples living rooms, these spots have now been replaced by the TV.  This transition from cabinetmaking and exposition to plastic and electronic is interesting in that both items serve as a focal point for entertainment.


The original piano probably looked much like this: (not the actual piano I recycled) :


Gustav Vasmer_20 Gustav Vasmer_21


I have always found these to be beutifull objects, So being a keyboard novice myself I realised that it mostly lived in a box in the back of the cupboard. I would drag it out occasionly and paractice, but it was always a hassle to unpack and re-pack. I wanted it to live somewhat more paremenantly in the living room. But lets face it; electronic keyboards are not the prettiest of things to have in your living space. (Unless you wish to encourage the rock star sensibility). So having the bits and bobs I decided to make a keyboard cabinet that captures some of the old world charm with practicality.  This is the result:


Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Gustav_DK_02 Gustav_DK_03 Gustav_DK_04 Gustav_DK_05 Gustav_DK_06 Gustav_DK_07

The front lid folds down to allow access:

Gustav_DK_08 Gustav_DK_09


Note the cable access hole drilled into the top:


The lid is amazing.


To make access possible I made the back hinged, this can be folded down:



I could have glued it all together but modern keyboards have a lot of controls on the top: so when in use the whole top can be easily removed.


Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Gustav_DK_16 Gustav_DK_17 Gustav_DK_18

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Gustav_DK_20 Gustav_DK_21


When I assembled it for the first time I quickly realised that the entire top was too heavy for the cantilever design, so it had to be taken apart and reinforced with steel angles.

Gustav_DK_22 Gustav_DK_23

The bottom shelf is actually suspended. I rather liked the design.

Gustav_DK_24 Gustav_DK_25 Gustav_DK_26 Gustav_DK_27 Gustav_DK_28


When playing I often have it like this: if much easier and it takes half a minute to put the top back on.

Gustav_DK_29 Gustav_DK_30 Gustav_DK_31 Gustav_DK_32 Gustav_DK_33 Gustav_DK_34

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

Cabintemaking, Woodworking

This is what it started as: Notice that I extended the height of the inner cavity. It was the only way to make the keyboard fit.


Cabintemaking, Woodworking