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Chekechani | Digital Vision EFX


yemoja-chekechani-nyasa, a goddess of Africa

Not much is known of African gods and goddesses in the west, When I visited Lake Malawi in 2006 I wanted to find out more about the myths and religions of the place. However this turned out to be much harder then I thought.  These myths are being lost. So, many years later as I was playing around with all the fantastic photos I shot in this part of the world I did some research.  I must say across the whole of Africa there are not many female deities.

One prevailing Deity is Yemoja, Ymoja, Yemowo, she is the Mother of the gods, the symbol for water and life. Although a Deity of Northern Africa, there is a Parallel in the Bantu Tribes of Southern Africa called Chekechani.

In the prevailing Myth she is one of the wives of the Moon God, sometimes known as the Morning Star The Anyanja people of Malawi say that she is one of the wives of the moon God—his other wife, Puikani, is the Goddess of the evening star  The moon God lives with Chekechani for two weeks, during which time she neglects to feed him and he wastes away to nothing. When he goes to live with Puikani for the following two weeks, she feeds him very well and he grows back to his full self.

Sadly thats about all I know about Chekechani, however I can extrapolate (artistic license) and see parallels with Yemoja, and combine them in this image. She is the connected goddess of life symbolizing the cyclical  renewal of life, she is connected to the four elements of earth, while her connection with Venus(the morning) star is a divinity connecting her with the fifth dimension of time and space.

Nyasa is the Bantu African word for Water or Lake. In fact Malawi was known as NyasaLand before it became Malawi in 1964.

The image itself is a Photo Composite of many Images I have taken in around Lake Malawi in Africa in 2006. The model is a Micro-stock image from Fotolia (Credit to Nikita Vasilchenko who photographed this amazing model)

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