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Post Singularity | Digital Vision EFX

Post Singularity


I have been interested of late in creating imagery representing a future state. I guess this kind of Sc-Fi illustration can be a hard call. How do you visualize a level of technology beyond the present? Like ideas in Sc-Fi writing visual imagery also follows the current thought paradigm inherent in our present.  I thought of trying to represent the future as being remarkably human, thus our maiden, but in a an extraordinary setting. Whats happening on the moon is almost incomprehensible or even indistinguishable from a natural event. Thats how I envisage the future to some degree, the technologies we might employ would utilize energies and means that encompass planetary spaces.

Our maiden is also a future human, which by present tenets of popular thought will have integrated biology with technology. She stands in a possible pressurized space, interfacing with information. Its not impossible to imagine today that the modal controls we use to interface with technology will migrate to something approaching a sixth sense.

The image continues to be a work in progress, I tend to never quite finish an image, It can be hard to let it go sometimes. 🙂 So perhaps at some stage in the future I will do some more work to it.

In the Meantime if you like it you can purchase framed prints and posters of it on my RedBubble page.

Photo Composite started on some original photography of the moon. Kowa spotting scope and Nikon D200. The model is a Stock Photo purchased via Fotolia.